Production & Podcasts

An experienced television producer, I have produced the documentaries Gambian Goals - A Donkeymentary (BBC Scotland) and Philippa York - An Uphill Climb (BBC iPlayer). I have also vast news experience, producing the Sports News segment for BBC Reporting Scotland.


As well as working with craft camera operators and editors, I am an experienced self shooter and editor. I am able to create original and entertaining TV and video content from initial idea through research to production and delivery. I can find and tell the hidden gems of stories which ensure your organisation or event has maximum engagement!


In-depth interviews and discussions are simply some of my favourite things to do. I love to explore the inner workings of sport, health and fitness. How it can be available to all? Where are their failings? What can we do better?


Get in touch if your audience/membership would thrive on regular coverage - all of the news and burning issues. Happy to discuss your needs!